10 Points that make our distance education different

Instituto Thomas Jefferson Campus Guadalajara – Palomar, has provided constant preparation to face the new challenges of these times; we modernized and achieved the transition to Distance Learning as few other schools have done: quickly and convincingly.

For this reason, and others, we mention the 10 most important reasons for an ITJ Palomar education, be it Face to Face, or during Distance Learning:

  1. In ITJ PALOMAR, the security and well-being of our community is ALWAYS OUR FIRST PRIORITY.
  2. Our attention consistently maintains the same quality and personal attention for our students and their families; we have enriched our methodology with Distance Learning, and our students and parents are happy!
  3. Our teachers are currently in the process of becoming Google Educators, thereby improving methodologies and guiding students in 21th century skills.
  4. We are preparing our students for the challenges they will face in the future. Distance learning in university and professional performance areas will be realities: What better than to prepare with the guidance of ITJ!
  5. Research in education demonstrates that learning does not decrease when working remotely. Conversely, it activates certain areas in the brain and benefits memory processes, information recovery, and the speed of processing. For ITJ PALOMAR, migrating to Distance Learning was a speedy process that allowed the students to move rapidly into a new modality: ITJ did not lose ONE single minute!
  6. In ITJ PALOMAR, we not only offer academic contents, but also Distance Learning experiences through which students continue their personal growth; our team records evidence and plants new goals.
  7. Our Human Development department continues giving support in all modalities.
  8. Our school has the technological resources to continue offering quality education.
  9. Despite being at distance, the children socialize through MEET AND ZOOM, keeping active relations and removing the sense of isolation.
  10.  We preserve the community feeling which gives strength and security to students. The education offered by ITJ High School, supports a healthy mindset and the particular needs of each student: they are central to the developing of capacities for decision making, along with the potential offered by multiple course options in preparation for university studies..

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