High School students (9th through 12th) will encounter experiences that will help them become responsible for their actions, and understand themselves as a vital and much-needed part of a local and global community. They will take initiatives to achieve their personal goals through an intentional and significant learning system. During this phase, students will have special guidance regarding required tests and processes for admission into universities of their choice.

Students receive support throughout their decisions-making processes as well as constant counseling and orientation designed to aid them in their selection of the leading options for an optimum development of their abilities through professional studies anywhere in the world.

Why High School in ITJ?

  • Upon graduation, students receive both an International High School Diploma as well as a Certificate of Bachillerato.
  • Opportunity to choose an additional language class (French, Chinese, German, etc.)
  • Implementation of the PSAT (International aptitude test for the entrance to foreign universities).
  • Multiple highly prepared teachers.
  • Programs enriched in mathematics and science.
  • Fortified program in which learning is in English.
  • Standards-based Learning.
  • Program that allows self-direction and the exploration of aptitudes that align with each students interests.
  • We promote a habit and love for reading; including a literature class with multiple choices of genres and authors to fit each student’s interests.

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