What makes us special?

Our school is 100% bilingual and multicultural.  Unlike a traditional educational institution, at Instituto Thomas Jefferson Campus Guadalajara Palomar we believe in shaping education to allow each individual to overcome life’s challenges in the future.  We provide a holistic formation that focuses on helping students be happy and successful.

Why choose ITJ Palomar?

ITJ Palomar is international

We form part of the ISP (International Schools Partnership) network of schools which represents an opportunity to amplify the diversity of intercultural experiences and international collaboration for students.  Our partnership creates a new pathway for children and young people to reach their own personal ambitions at a world-wide level.  We are happy and ready to chart this path, hand-in-hand with ISP.

100% bilingual learning

Our school is 100% bilingual.  Classes are presented 80% content in English and 20% in Spanish.

International study plans

Instituto Thomas Jefferson fulfills the required program by SEP (Secretaría de Educación Pública) and with an internationally aligned Common Core and AERO Standards.

Learning in today's environment

Our school’s installations facilitate students’ work and independent learning by providing various social environments.  Our academic classes are modern, technology-oriented, and dynamic.

Agreements with universities

ITJ students graduate with both a SEP diploma and an International High School Diploma which is valid in the United States and world-wide. Individualization, personalization, and vocational orientation characterize Instituto Thomas Jefferson and provide a process wich allows our graduates to enter universities in Italy, Canada, Argentina, Norway and the United States, as well as other public and private prestigious national institutions.

. We are a learning community

We offer extracurricular classes in which students and parents participate in activities such as languages, art, soccer/football, robotics, volleyball, parkour, and thaeter /drama.

News & Events

Safety and Hygiene

Instituto Thomas Jefferson Campus-Guadalajara / Palomar, has as one of its principle objectives, to prevent the contagion and spread of...

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