What makes us special?

Our school is 100% bilingual and multicultural.  Unlike a traditional educational institution, at Instituto Thomas Jefferson Campus Guadalajara Palomar we believe in shaping education to allow each individual to overcome life’s challenges in the future.  We provide a holistic formation that focuses on helping students be happy and successful.

Welcome to Instituto
Thomas Jefferson
Campus Palomar


Instituto Thomas Jefferson-Campus Guadalajara became a reality at the Palomar site over 18 years ago. Our motto of Respect, Self-esteem, and Excellence, became the framework for our Mission Statement and all we do as an educational institution. The ITJ team seeks to provide the highest quality of learning for our students in a safe and joyful environment.

We are proud of our accomplishments, which include International accreditation by NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges), membership in ASOMEX, world-class academic standing, strong supportive programs for both sports and cultural events, and our incorporation into ISP (International Schools Partnership) which provides the opportunities for our students to participate in a global vision and activities.

It is our sincere hope that you will join our prestigious community as we move forward into the future.

Thank you.

Melody Martin del Campo, M. Ed.

Co-founder/ Consultant General Direction


The mission of Instituto Thomas Jefferson-Campus Guadalajara Palomar as a prestigious bilingual and multicultural school is to develop positive leaders prepared for the 21st century: wise, compassionate, able to both compete and cooperate, be successful, joyful models and agents for change in a technical global world; fulfilling their responsibilities to family, community, environment, and their values by living the principles of “RESPECT, SELF-ESTEEM and EXCELLENCE”.


The ITJ program of “Integrated Educational Excellence” involves not only solid academic bases, but also the necessary attitudes, skills and values our students require both in their personal as well as professional lives, to prepare them for all aspects of adult life.

Through this program our students are prepared to face a future of constant change, living self- motivated, with high levels of desire for personal development and a process of life-long learning which will provide them with the opportunity to believe that their dreams for the future can become a reality.


A Laboratory for Life

The Philosophy of Instituto Thomas Jefferson Guadalajara Palomar is to prepare students beyond the traditional academic system, so that they may have, in addition to an excellent academic preparation, a whole child formation which will allow them to become joyful and successful individuals.
It is important for us to provide our students with a variety of tools and emotional strengths necessary for the solution of real-world problems such as:

  • Respect
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Emphaty
  • Self-confidence
  • Critical thinking
  • Life planning
  • Organization


We are an

We are part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), a global group of 42 schools, which ensures outstanding international learning connections, quality assurance and excellent governance.

Being part of ISP also provides our high school students with unique opportunities for learning and collaboration, such as the Model United Nations and Buddy Exchange Program.

Facilities & Technology

At the Thomas Jefferson Institute, we are committed to the integral development of our students, providing them with the tools that encourage creativity and prepare them to be citizens of the future.

Our school currently consists of 51 general classrooms, and includes Preschool, Elementary, Middle and the High School sections.  Each classroom is equipped with projectors, speakers, and Smartboards that produce an interactive learning experience.

Our Technology program includes:

  • Specialized technology laboratories: two with the PC platform, one mobile Apple platform and one with five different workstations.
  • Technology classes, where students learn through, among other sources, Office, coding, design and 3D printing, keyboarding, animation, creation and editing of videos, and Adobe Suite.
  • The Makerspace Center; has both low- and high-tech opportunities, and provides and exciting opportunity where students can dream, build, invent, design, prototype, and so much more! The Makerspace Center allows for unique, creative, and innovative ways of learning through 3D printers, in which students can print prototypes of various projects.
  • LEGO Robotics: students build and program scale models with the use of LEGO.
  • Students learning experiences, enhanced by the use of Smartboards and iPads in all K-12 rooms.
  • Smartboards in all K-12 rooms, tactile and interactive with iPads · 3D printers, in which students can print prototypes of various projects.




We are members of ASOMEX (Association of American Schools in Mexico) which allows us to interact with other American and internationally accredited schools around the country for professional development, sports tournaments, and other academic and recreational activities.


Instituto Thomas Jefferson Campus Guadalajara Palomar is internationally accredited by NEASC (New England Asociation of Schools and Colleges). This process guarantees their quality of education we provide to our students and families follows the highest international standards.

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