We are a great family that shares a vision of what education should be. We are passionate about what we do and we put our whole heart into it. We want our students to thrive in their social and emotional growth while we provide them with learning experiences that lead them towards academic excellence. Our students are our center. We want them to learn and be happy and successful, and to live and enjoy their present while they acquire the skills to be successful in the future.

My commitment is to each one of my students, parents and members of staff. I am convinced that working as a team creates an environment of learning, harmony and love where we can all grow together. It creates an environment or respect, responsibility, honesty and loyalty where we lead by example.

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Ms. Nieves GarcĂ­a Mainou
General Director

We are a school that ensures the social and emotional development of its students while promoting academic excellence. We work hand in hand with our students’ parents to build a healthy and safe environment where our children can learn, be happy and develop their talents. We live every day by the values of respect, responsibility, honesty and loyalty. We are part of an international group of schools (ISP – International Schools Partnership) which has the objective to inspire students to learn, be successful and become truly international.

Our mission is to develop positive, happy and successful leaders who are agents of change, well prepared to compete and cooperate in a constantly changing world, and who consciously live by the values of respect, self-esteem and academic excellence.

The Thomas Jefferson student has an excellent academic preparation, is self-confident, determined, has values, is healthy and full of vitality, is bilingual, multicultural, respectful, cheerful, and creative; has the desire for self-improvement, and loves others as much as him/herself. The Thomas Jefferson student has an excellent preparation with a great vision of the future.

To teach by experience and example so our students will be able to develop self-confidence, assume responsibility, and be aware of their family and society.
To be a “real life laboratory”, and prepare students for a productive future, providing strong academic foundations and comprehensive training, so they can become happy and successful human beings.


Third language

As part of the language program, our students in High School are offered the opportunity to study French as a third language with the objective of acquiring a proper foundation of the language. They have the option of certifying their knowledge with official diplomas recognized by the French Ministry of Education such as DELF A1 and DELF A2.

The ISP Model United Nations (ISP MUN)

 Is a truly international and multicultural event where our students come together from around the world to experience an educational simulation of a real UN conference. This activity invites the school community to join a real-life committee representing a country’s delegation. The task is to debate with other countries to solve an international issue in a diplomatic manner following the ideals from the Charter of the United Nations.

TJ MUN (Model United Nations)

Is an academic simulation in which our students become diplomatic ambassadors of the country they represent, participating in discussions of social, cultural and economic issues worldwide. Every year we have approximately 400 participants from different schools in the state.

ITJ Elementary Orchestra

The ITJ Elementary Orchestra project was born 6 years ago to turn the curricular music class into a learning experience that allows 3rd and 4th grade students to experience music from an entirely different perspective. Students acquire the skill of playing an instrument or using their voice as one and at the end of the year there is a concert to share what they learned with family and friends. This experience favors the development of self-regulation skills and the ability to following instructions. It is an extraordinary exercise in tolerance, respect and recognition of the importance of teamwork.

English Certifications

During High School, our students prepare to present one or more international English certifications such as: FCE, IELTS and / or TKT. These allow them to have access to the best national and international universities.

University Agreements

We have agreements with national and international universities providing endless opportunities to our graduates. Some of these universities are:

Universidad de las Américas Puebla (UDLAP), Universidad , AnåhuacUniversidad Panamericana (UP), Escuela Bancaria y Comercial (EBC), Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM), Universidad del Valle de México (UVM), Universidad Mondragón, Universidad Iberoamericana (IBERO), Arkansas City State University, University of Redlands, Furman University, International University Alliance, Missouri State University, University of Wisconsin La Crosse, Zagreb School of Economics and Management.

ISP Buddy Exchange Program (BEP)

Enables reciprocal learning exchanges between ISP schools for a period of one month for students aged between 14 –17 years old. It gives our students the unique opportunity to connect with other people, other cultures and other countries and provide another truly collaborative learning experience.

Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (LEI)

Through the Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (LEI) course, designed in collaboration with the University of Mondragón (Spain) and Team Academy (Finland), our students develop teamwork, leadership, effective communication, and conflict resolution skills, using the “Design Thinking” methodology. They create their own company and support the social work of different organizations in their community.

International High School (IHS) program

Our International High School (IHS) program allows our students to obtain the American Baccalaureate certificate, issued by the Pennsylvania state government and the United States Department of Education.

Facilities & Technology

Our students’ learning experiences are enhanced in spaces like the Creativity Labs, Mind & Body, Radio Booth and our Physics, Chemistry and Biology Laboratories. We also have football, basketball and volleyball courts, a yoga classroom and a gym. All of our classrooms are equipped with state of the art technology (PC, smartboard, projector and speakers) and students have access to hundreds of School mobile devices such as Chromebooks, smartphones and iPads.

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