What makes us special?


Our Nursery students thrive in a safe, loving and learning environment. We support them closely as they explore the world around them, interact with others and learn through play.


Our Kindergarten students thrive in a safe, joyful and learning environment. They are closely accompanied as they explore the world around them and develop into happy, self-confident children.


Our Elementary students learn to make decisions and to recognize and cope with the consequences of those decisions. They acquire social and academic skills that empower them to grow successfully, fostering self-esteem development.

Middle school

Our Middle School students recognize the importance of self-regulation and respect for themselves and others. They are enthusiastic teenagers who learn to generate their own knowledge in a safe and efficient manner, pursuing academic excellence and happiness.

High school

Our High School students are young learners with the necessary self-confidence and skills to face the challenges of university life. They are tolerant, empathetic, enthusiastic and thoughtful leaders who seek success and happiness for themselves and their community.

After school

The After School Department seeks to contribute to the development of students through different sports, cultural, artistic and technological activities. The main objective is to promote creativity, exercise and discipline, but above all to help our kids learn to be generous, respectful and ethical.

Medical Service

We have 3 School infirmaries that are managed by a team of two doctors and two nurses trained in the management of pre-hospitalization emergency situations. Our team is in close communication with the parents to give follow-up to specific situations with every student.

We work in collaboration with a third-party private ambulance service provided by AR Médica for any transportation of students or staff in an emergency situation.


We have 2 cafeterias that offer a wide variety of healthy dishes and snacks during recess. They also offer a set menu service from Monday to Thursday, to the students in Elementary, Middle and High School who stay to After School activities. The cafeteria service is continuously audited to ensure the quality, cleanliness and freshness of the food.

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