What makes Instituto Thomas Jefferson special?
In High School, ITJ students…

  • Have the opportunity to create their own business and generate real change in their community through the Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program (LEI).
  • Decide in an informed and timely manner the degree they will study through our Integrated Mentorship Program.
  • Develop their global vision through programs such as International High School and Buddy Exchange Programme.
  • Are well prepared to present one or more international English certifications such as FCE, IELTS and / or TKT.


Our High School students are self-confident young men and women, well prepared to face the challenges of university life. They are tolerant, empathetic, enthusiastic and thoughtful leaders who seek success and happiness for themselves and their community.

Graduate profile

Upon High School completion, our students:

  • Are positive leaders and entrepreneurs who are characterized by their critical, reflective and creative thinking skills
  • Are able to understand a wide variety of extensive texts, express themselves in a fluent and spontaneous way, making effective use of the English language for social, academic and professional purposes.
  • Maintain a respectful and open attitude towards diversity of thought, culture and religion.
  • Recognize physical activity as an essential resource in their physical, mental, social and emotional development and wellbeing.
  • Know and apply the principles of the Scientific Method to generate new knowledge.
  • Recognize the need for socially responsible practices in their community.
  • Recognize their strengths and have sufficient tools to develop their areas of opportunity.
  • Are able to compete in a national and international level with various universities obtaining excellent admissions assessment results.
  • Are able to explore and use the latest technological tools safely and efficiently. They are responsible, respectful and skillful digital citizens.

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