What makes us special?

Nos aseguramos del desarrollo socioemocional de nuestros alumnos, al mismo tiempo que promovemos la excelencia académica. Trabajamos en equipo con los padres de familia para construir un ambiente sano y seguro, donde nuestros alumnos crezcan felices, aprendan y desarrollen sus talentos. Formamos parte de un grupo de escuelas internacionales (ISP- International Schools Partnership) y tenemos como propósito inspirar al alumno a aprender, ser exitoso y verdaderamente internacional.

Welcome to Instituto Thomas Jefferson Campus Queretaro

We are a great family that shares a vision of what education should be. We are passionate about what we do and we put our whole heart into it. We want our students to thrive in their social and emotional growth while we provide them with learning experiences that lead them towards academic excellence. Our students are our center. We want them to learn and be happy and successful, and to live and enjoy their present while they acquire the skills to be successful in the future.

My commitment is to each one of my students, parents and members of staff. I am convinced that working as a team creates an environment of learning, harmony and love where we can all grow together. It creates an environment or respect, responsibility, honesty and loyalty where we lead by example.

I can’t wait to meet you!

Ms. Nieves GarcĂ­a Mainou
General Director


Our mission is to develop positive, happy and successful leaders who are agents of change, well prepared to compete and cooperate in a constantly changing world, and who consciously live by the values of respect, self-esteem and academic excellence.


The Thomas Jefferson student has an excellent academic preparation, is self-confident, determined, has values, is healthy and full of vitality, is bilingual, multicultural, respectful, cheerful, and creative; has the desire for self-improvement, and loves others as much as him/herself. The Thomas Jefferson student has an excellent preparation with a great vision of the future.


To teach by experience and example so our students will be able to develop self-confidence, assume responsibility, and be aware of their family and society.
To be a “real life laboratory”, and prepare students for a productive future, providing strong academic foundations and comprehensive training, so they can become happy and successful human beings.

We are an International School

We are part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), a global group of 42 schools, which ensures outstanding international learning connections, quality assurance and excellent governance.
Being part of ISP also provides our high school students with unique opportunities for learning and collaboration, such as the Model United Nations and Buddy Exchange Program.

Facilities & Technology

Our students’ learning experiences are enhanced in spaces like the Creativity Labs, Mind & Body, Radio Booth and our Physics, Chemistry and Biology Laboratories. We also have football, basketball and volleyball courts, a yoga classroom and a gym. All of our classrooms are equipped with state of the art technology (PC, smartboard, projector and speakers) and students have access to hundreds of School mobile devices such as Chromebooks, smartphones and iPads.


El ITJ Campus Querétaro became a Google for Education Reference School in 2017 due to its high degree of adoption of digital tools, use of mobile devices and innovative K-12 projects, which have become a pillar in our learning culture.

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