What makes Instituto Thomas Jefferson special?
Our little ones in ITJ Kindergarten…

  • Develop different psychomotor, neurological and emotional skills while learning through our Mind Skills program.
  • Are exposed to English due to our Total Immersion approach in learning a second language. This allows children to acquire English naturally.
  • Discover the world of letters and sounds through the Jolly Phonics program, thus forging their literacy abilities in a fun and comprehensive way.
  • Explore their talents and artistic skills while expressing their emotions assertively at the Creativity Lab.


Our Kindergarten students develop in a safe, joyful and learning environment. We accompany them very closely as they explore the world around them and grow into happy and self-confident children.

Graduate profile

At the end of Kindergarten our students:

  • Are able to follow instructions, understand everyday conversations and follow narrations appropriate for their age in English.
  • Are able to read independently words with consonant-vowel-consonant structures.
  • Express their emotions and needs assertively and effectively in order to ask for help and share how they feel.
  • Are able to solve basic arithmetic operations without conversion.
  • Have developed fine and gross motor skills and abilities which allow them to recognize themselves within their own body structure.
  • Recognize the need to take good care of the resources in their environment.
  • Recognize their role within their immediate community.

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