What makes Instituto Thomas Jefferson special?
In Middle school, ITJ students…

  • Develop social skills, independence and self-regulation thanks to programs like Mindfulness-Yoga, Digital Citizenship and Social Service.
  • Experience the exact sciences closely in the Biology, Chemistry and Physics Laboratories and explore practical applications of Mathematics in the Math Workshop.
  • Learn to express themselves correctly in written English through their Academic and Creative Writing classes.
  • Collaborate and work as a team to achieve a common goal in events such as the TJ MUN, Film Festival and Fashion Fest.


Our Middle School students recognize the importance of self-regulation and respect for themselves and others. They are enthusiastic teenagers who learn to generate their own knowledge in a safe and efficient way and who seek academic excellence and happiness.

Graduate Profile

At the end of Middle School, our students…

  • Recognize the factors that affect the decisions they make and take responsibility for them.
  • Can clearly identify the main and secondary ideas of complex texts in English whether they be about abstract or concrete topics. They can interact with native speakers in a fluent, natural and assertive way.
  • Recognise the value of empathy, diversity and tolerance, thus laying the foundation for a positive, reflexive leadership.
  • Value physical activity as a crucial element to growing healthy and as a means to develop their social interaction skills.
  • Appreciate artistic expressions and enjoy learning about the different ways to express their creativity.
  • Use technology with dexterity both as a means to gather information and to express and shares their ideas and feelings while being responsible digital citizens.
  • Identify their skills and areas of opportunity and focus on improving them to accomplish a wholesome development.
  • Recognize collaborative work as a tool to accomplish their goals.

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