Welcome to Santa Monica High School.  In our unique High School, we offer three learning pathways. Students can choose to either study the UNAM program, or our enhanced SEP program or the IB Diploma program.  The key elements of the curriculum are to develop academic excellence, strong personal skills and the correct mindsets needed to succeed in a rapidly developing world, reliant on new forms of communication and new forms of disruptive change in an ever changing environment.

Santa Monica High School students are talented and sought-after students, entering the most prestigious universities in Mexico and abroad.  We aim to shape passionate students who are the leaders to change Mexico and the world for the better.

We offer a strong vocational guidance program and free afterschool classes, including tennis, swimming, football, volleyball and basketball. We have strong university agreements with the best national universities and a strong and vibrant cultural program of creative activities, such as the Model United Nations, Jeans Parade and the Day of Dead Dance.

As part of ISP (International Schools Partnership), we offer the Buddy Exchange Program (an international student exchange program) and the International Model United Nations.

The ultimate learning foundation before they take the next big step.

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