Children arriving in Kindergarten are starting to experience all the joys and wonder of learning, and we aim to promote this love of learning and strengthen the cognitive and personal development within the framework of an international school curriculum and all the love and care that our Mexican traditions offer.

Santa Monica´s Kindergarten follows the curriculum of the IEYC (International Early Years Curriculum) which began in Nursery, to stimulate curiosity and to create joy in learning within our students. In addition, the curriculum is also reinforced by a strong bi-lingual program called Jolly Phonics, and a robust Mathematics program called EMAT, developed in accordance with Multiple Intelligence Theory.

The section has special classes in Chinese, Mind Skills, Music, Art, Technology and Motor Skills. We offer extra-curricular classes, homework club and special classes to help with academic development.  Our personalized learning department looks after the social and emotional development of each of child, as we aim to prepare our students fully for the challenges of the next step: Elementary School.

When students finish the four years that make up our stay in our Kindergarten section, they leave as strong, independent learners, with high self-esteem and excellent cognitive abilities.

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