Ana Victoria goes to the UN

Ana Victoria goes to the UN with her short film “Life is Much Likem Gastronomy”

Santa Monica is delighted to announce that one of our talented and ambitious pupilscalled Ana Victoria Villanueva Ruiz came second in the United Nations Peace in theStreetsGlobal Film Festival, with her short movie entitled, ‘Life is Much LikeGastronomy.’Filmed here in Mexico using stop motiontechnology, Ana-Vic won atrip to New York to see her movie screened in the United Nations HQ.The moviehas a simple, but yet impacting theme, that the world’s beauty is like the differentflavours of the regions and countries.To get a new and exciting dish, we should mixall the interesting flavours of the world.It is a simple but elegant idea and wonsecond place in 9-13 agegroup.The Peace in Streets competition is aimed atpromoting peace in the trouble streets of the world, through the voices of youngpeoplewho aim to make a change, by seeing the beauty of the world through othercultures.Weare extremely proud of Ana-Vic

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