Welcome to our Santa Monica Nursery section, a special and unique learning environment, where we welcome our youngest students from eighteen months of age, to two and half years old.  Our aim is to create curiosity and wonder about the world, promote healthy relationships between students, high level cognitive development and to provide a complete program of motor skills development all within a bi-lingual and international context.

Santa Monica Nursery is one of the very few schools in Mexico offering the IEYC (International Early Years Curriculum) from Fieldwork education, making the school a beacon of excellence in the city.  The curriculum is thematically organized from Insects, Toy Shops or Space Mission themes, and designed by experts to provoke curiosity and excitement in the learning process.

Count on specially trained teachers and a private learning environment, where we manage a 1 to 6 student-teacher ratio. Our small and intimate learning groups allows us to create a unique and personalized educational experience.

The first steps in the Santa Monica learning experience will give your child an international, creative and thought-provoking start to their life-long learning journey.

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