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In Preschool (Nursery to Pre-First) our students experience great satisfaction when involved in activities that are relevant to their age and ability, encouraging them face positive challenges and strengthen their self-esteem through success.



The structure of Elementary School (1st through 5th) is oriented toward investigation; this provides clear objectives for our students through quality academic programs aligned with the Common Core and AERO standards, which are among the highest world-wide. The ITJ program’s objective is designed to teach children in English while also meeting all requirements established by SEP.


Middle School

The Middle School (6th through 8th) structure provides preteen and teenage students with a balance of limits and liberties that creates a safe environment where they can grow academically and emotionally.


High School

High School students (9th through 12th) will encounter experiences that will help them become responsible for their actions, and understand themselves as a vital and much-needed part of a local and global community.


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