What makes us special?

At Instituto Thomas Jefferson Campus Guadalajara – Valle Real, we know that each student is unique in terms of their abilities and talents, so we seek to develop them in a personalized way to provide them with a successful future.

From writers, doctors, fashion stars and consolidated engineers, among many more, they agree on the experience they obtained from their training at Instituto Thomas Jefferson Campus Guadalajara – Real: the institution provided them with space, time and creativity to develop an individual vision of the future, and thus use their knowledge along with critical thinking, to change the world.

Support services

By putting the child at the center of the system, we work to empower them through their high abilities, strengthen them to reduce or eliminate the barriers they may experience in their learning and integrate them into an international educational community.

We value diversity based on a model that serves the child through multiple disciplines and different levels in their learning process. We firmly believe that each child is unique in their way of being and learning and we put strategies and supports at their service so that their experience at ITJ is fully enriching.


The mission of Instituto Thomas Jefferson-Campus Guadalajara Valle Real as a prestigious bilingual and multicultural school is to develop positive leaders prepared for the 21st century: wise, compassionate, able to both compete and cooperate, be successful, joyful models and agents for change in a technical global world; fulfilling their responsibilities to family, community, environment, and their values by living the principles of “RESPECT, SELF-ESTEEM and EXCELLENCE”.


The ITJ program of “Integrated Educational Excellence” involves not only solid academic bases, but also the necessary attitudes, skills and values our students require both in their personal as well as professional lives, to prepare them for all aspects of adult life. Through this program our students are prepared to face a future of constant change, living self- motivated, with high levels of desire for personal development and a process of life-long learning which will provide them with the opportunity to believe that their dreams for the future can become a reality.

We are an

We are part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), a global group of 42 schools, which ensures outstanding international learning connections, quality assurance and excellent governance.
Being part of ISP also provides our high school students with unique opportunities for learning and collaboration, such as the Model United Nations and Buddy Exchange Program.

Facilities & Technology

ITJ Valle Real was built under the LEED Certification, as a Green School. It has modern and beautiful facilities that were designed for students to obtain maximum benefit of their learning.

  • Classrooms: ample classrooms at all educational levels equipped with Smart Boards, computer equipment, ergonomic furniture, lounge library, and countless teaching materials.
  • Sports facilities: Covered courts, multi-courts, professional soccer field, fast soccer field.
  • Technology laboratories: Modern laboratories equipped with the latest generation models: MacBook lab, Chromebooks, Lego Mindstorm, iPads, Smart table, Kinnets.
  • Maker Space: It is a STEAM immersion space (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) where through interdisciplinary projects and the use of different tools, students learn to solve problems.
  • High School Building: It is a pre-college building, with intelligent social facilities, that foster the academic, cultural, and collaborative interaction that this stage requires in students´ education. It has 360 ° rooms and ergonomic furniture.
  • Laboratories for Sciences, Art, Music, Library.
  • Exclusive recreational areas for each section: preschool, elementary, middle and high school.


NEASC Accreditation as an American-International School

Instituto Thomas Jefferson Campus Guadalajara Palomar is internationally accredited by NEASC (New England Asociation of Schools and Colleges). This process guarantees their quality of education we provide to our students and families follows the highest international standards.


Member of Association of American Schools in Mexico (ASOMEX):

We are members of ASOMEX (Association of American Schools in Mexico) which allows us to interact with other American and internationally accredited schools around the country for professional development, sports tournaments, and other academic and recreational activities.

SEP Accreditation as a Mexican School

All our programs are accredited in Mexico, by the Ministry of Education

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