In Preschool (Nursery to Pre-First) our students experience great satisfaction when involved in activities that are relevant to their age and ability, encouraging them face positive challenges and strengthen their self-esteem through success.

Investigation; adapting and combining diverse techniques and methods to be at the vanguard of how we teach children. This section adopts an academic model based on an introduction to English in Nursery. From Pre-Kinder through Pre-First, children participate in an English immersion program, through which they develop cognitive, social, human and technological abilities. Simultaneously, at Kinder 2 and Pre-First levels, they follow a reading and writing program in Spanish.

Why Preschool in ITJ?

  • Children participate in complementary activities that achieve integrated development, making this stage of their lives unforgettable and full of magic.
  • Through the value of play and socialization, children develop abilities that will define personal aspects that will make them happy and successful.
  • Introduction to a fortified mathematics program.
  • Project-Based Learning.
  • Program emphasizing activities with cognitive, physical, social-emotional, artistic, technological, language and science activities. These provide the children with the abilities to shine and excel.
  • Library visits occur every week where children listen to stories and experience the wonderful world of reading. 
  • Communication with parents at this stage is essential, and the reason for their active participation and direct involvement in all activities organized for the youngest members of our community. 

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