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At ITJ ZE we prepare our students with a comprehensive education that includes their development, growth, and academic and extracurricular training.
Our After School Program provides a variety of Sports, Cultural and Entrepreneurial activities with which we reaffirm our mission to develop bases of positive and entrepreneurial leadership, environmental awareness and social responsibility, thus being agents of positive change for both their families and for Mexico.
The objective of our teachers is to instil in our students the institutional values through the different disciplines they are in charge of and thus develop the skills and abilities that make up our integrated educational model.

Calendar After School Activities 2020-2021: http://Calendar After School Activities 2020-20


Our sports training program is, above all, a pedagogical process that consists mainly of avant-garde methodologies, which contribute directly to the sports performance of our students and consist of an integral formation through technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspects.
This program is distinguished by promoting values such as discipline, effort, teamwork, personal growth and respect. It is of great importance that our students acquire the education to follow instructions and abide by rules, which makes our students new athletes capable of exercising noble and active leadership in their social environment., they will learn to respect differences and promote an attitude of peace and progress.


Our cultural activities develop students’ creative and artistic skills in order to create an awareness of culture and art at ITJ ZE. Each activity provides the necessary technical tools so that the student, through them, can create and explore the world through different forms of expression.
We form integral students who work as a team, learn what discipline and responsibility are, who develop sensitivity towards their surroundings, are able to find solutions in a creative way, develop both intellectually and physically and most importantly, forge their identity.


One of our main objectives is to develop in our students the basis of entrepreneurship. After School Program, offers an area dedicated specifically to promote activities that encourage the development of these skills.
An entrepreneurial student is able to recognize his or her talents and areas of opportunity to work on them and thus be able to develop a broader perspective that will help him or her improve his or her process of analysis and problem solving.

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