Art in times of pandemic

By María Belén Velasco Barrera

The Distance Learning Program has given us all new challenges. We have had to think in different ways to find how to reach our students.
The pandemic has forced us to stay at home, it has caused in us feelings of worry, isolation, anxiety, as well as frustration at not being able to go out with our friends and families, to be able to make that trip we had planned … or so many other things.
With this new era that COVID 19 is making us live globally, a new look entered: the face masks.
While planning my classes for this new cycle, I thought that the masks that we are all displaying on our faces, could be a piece of art, that blank canvas where each one can express what they are living in this pandemic, all the feelings and emotions that this moment brings to us.
With great joy and satisfaction, I saw how my students responded with enthusiasm and creativity to this project, achieving amazing results. Stopping at each of their jobs, I could feel the pain, insecurity, fear, anxiety and other feelings that this pandemic causes us. Several of them, with great drama, managed to express their feelings. In others I saw the sense of humor that makes us smile even in this difficult moment and that makes us see that ray of hope and the positive things that this pandemic has brought us, such as being able to enjoy more of our families, see a more beautiful nature, because for a few months we stopped contaminating it, and see that at the end of the tunnel there is a light.
I was able to verify once again through the work of my students, how an assumed and transformed pain becomes something aesthetic; the spiritual sense of what we live and manage to capture through shapes and colors that give way to the work of art, which is part of us but in a way surpasses us and goes much further. It highlights our creative and creative spirit. It makes us see that we are unique and unrepeatable beings that we shape and create in that unique way. On the other hand, we are part of this great humanity and that each of our creations is a mosaic that embellishes this great canvas that is the world.
Thank you very much to each of my dear students for giving us something of you through this masks!


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