Students gain two High School certificates (US and Mexican) through our International High School Program, making them stand out when applying to University, be it national or international.

In addition to the subjects of fixed curriculum that students study, they develop both physical and cognitive skills through various programs and by participating in academic and sports competitions nationally and internationally, such as Science Fairs and inter-school sports competitions.

The international experiences we design for them such as: ISP Buddy Exchange Program, TJ MUN, ISP MUN, NASA Camps, The Masters, etc., reinforce their global learning. In addition, through the Leadership and Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program, students’ creativity is reinforced by planning and executing a business project.

Our Vocational Orientation programme is taught throughout the 3 years of high school. This programme readies students to make one of the most difficult decisions of all, their University and degree choices. Students are completely prepared to step into the future upon graduating High School ITJZE.

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