What makes us special?

An international education based on our unique methodology ‘Project Based Learning’. Our facilities are equipped with laboratories and digital tools. We offer global experiences and put learning and our students at heart of everything we do.

It is a pleasure to welcome you to
Instituto Thomas Jefferson,
Zona Esmeralda

I am glad to be able to accompany you in that most important parental decision: finding the best school for your children. I invite you to work in partnership with us, to develop your child’s abilities to the maximum.
Our aim is for your children to be hard-working, resilient and successful learners. Equally important is our belief in educating the whole child. We want your children to grow up as kind, caring and happy people.
At Instituto Thomas Jefferson, our team provides amazing learning experiences for your children. Our innovative educational programme develops the students socially, personally and academically. Together we shall grow confident, creative and independent learners; open minded, curious thinkers; problem solvers who never give up; mature, responsible, global citizens, ready for the real world.
We truly are a family at Thomas Jefferson and we demonstrate our caring values in everything that we do. I would be delighted if you were to join us on the journey towards confidence, happiness and success.

Simon Nixon

School Director

ITJ Statement

Instituto Thomas Jefferson is an international school that enables all students to develop as amazing learners and leaders.

We are critical thinkers and risk takers, who persevere to reach our goals.

We always act with integrity and we communicate respectfully while working together as caring, global citizens.

We are an

We are part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), a global group of 42 schools, which ensures outstanding international learning, worldwide connections, quality assurance and excellent governance.

Being part of ISP also provides our high school students with unique opportunities for learning and collaboration, such as the Model United Nations and Buddy Exchange Programme.



Instituto Thomas Jefferson is an international school that enables all students to develop as amazing learners and leaders.

We are critical thinkers and risk takers, who persevere to reach our goals.

We always act with integrity and we communicate respectfully while working together as caring, global citizens.


Within the next 5 years…

ITJ-ZE will be the ‘Flagship School’ for ISP in Mexico, Central America & Internationally

ITJ-ZE will be the School of Choice to local, regional and international families & staff

ITJ-ZE will boast an extensive, socially-conscious and respectful alumni celebrating success all across the globe


International schools are about the building of bridges not walls’ (Geller, 1993).  We have found that a diverse population of learners provides schools with a greater opportunity to draw in a richness of experiences and provides schools with a wealth of ‘data’ that is used to enhance learning as well as wider development of students.  It allows students to share their values, beliefs and conceptions.

A values-based educational philosophy remains a key component in the development of our young people in order that they become visionary, compassionate, ecologically minded leaders in the  potentially complex world of their future. We offer a Values in Action model that is planned, measured and reflected upon daily with students, teachers and parents.

While academic integrity remains at the core of our practice, we believe it crucial that we prepare the young people of today not only with the acquisition of powerful knowledge but also the psychological integrity and durability to succeed in an internationally minded culture.

ITJ ZE, we practice what we preach. Excellence, responsibility, honesty, empathy, resilience and respect are not only values but are behaviours practiced daily and celebrated as part of our culture.  In this way, we can celebrate and promote actions that allow our students to thrive in the world beyond school, college and university.


International High School

In this high school modality, the student may obtain a double certification endorsed by the state of Pennsylvania

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