Mathematics in time

Gonzalo Chávez Escamilla – Mathematics Academy Leader

Mathematics in the past.

Mathematics is as old as human knowledge; it arose from the need to count objects, cities, animals or members of small communities or tribes. Part of the mathematical knowledge not constituted as a science is attributed to the Egyptian and Babylonian culture, until the appearance of the Greek culture where great mathematicians such as Thales of Miletus, Euclid, Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras, Apollonius and Archimedes were in charge of organising the dispersed and not strictly scientific knowledge of other civilisations and conceiving mathematics as a manifestation of culture.

Since ancient times, mathematicians have asked themselves why things happen, explaining the appearance of phenomena in nature, solving problems of geometry and the application of geometry in their constructions.

Mathematics in the present and in the future

Nowadays, mathematics plays a very important role in the lives of students from pre-school to the last grade of high school, and that is why expert teachers in the subject have taken on a very important and not easy task, which is to bring phenomena, situations or experiences from real life into the classroom as a learning tool, converting it into a class activity or academic teaching project and making use of technological tools; but what is the purpose of this? The answer is simple, to make mathematics a subject of interest to students and for them to recognise the importance of its study and application in the resolution of different situations or problems in their environment, just as the ancient Greeks did. At ITJ in mathematics we prepare our students to take responsibility for future tasks such as engineering, astronomy, geography, administration, technology and medicine.

The mathematics teachers of the ITJ at different grade levels have a very important mission, such as making the youngest students fall in love with the subject in their first contact with mathematics in pre-school and providing the older students in high school with a propaedeutic course that will serve as an introduction to the mathematics subjects of their university.

A fundamental aspect of mathematics that students want to know about is its application in life and for this we have sought teaching methods and technological tools that allow us to transform the classroom into a laboratory of projects, experiences and learning, without losing the formality and seriousness that the subject implies and to be a mathematics teacher trained for the present and the future.

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