Reading in our lives

Miss. Sarahi Candelaria Salazar

Encargada de la Biblioteca ITJ-ZE



It is said that the first thing that fostered creativity was reading, because since we were children we used to sleep and dream between pages and letters.

Later when we began our studies we were taught that reading makes us a brave knight, a princess who lives in a beautiful castle or even great scientists who help a whole world.

When we became adults we discovered through reading that things were more tangible and real. Reading made us more complete, agile, intelligent and opened up a wide view of what was happening around the world; it gave us the assurance that our professional training would always had an excellent result because in the end, we are all made up of pages of excellent books.

And it is that “a good book is like a good friend … It helps you see life from other points of view.”

In this year many of us resorted to the habit of reading to distract ourselves and keep in touch with society through the virtual reading club. The benefits we have obtained from this habit have been reflected in our actions and thoughts; It has been scientifically proven that reading can reduce stress levels by 68%, even more than listening to music or going for a walk; it has also been shown that it improves the quality of sleeping, making it last longer. And why not? it also makes us smarter and more sociable.

Reading opens up the opportunity to experience new adventures, but we must also be honest, not all the letters of a beautiful cover are written for anyone. How many of us excited to discover an excellent novel forget the book in the corner because we are not engaged? As many experts say “Not all books are for all people, and not all people are for all books”, so it is important to know what type of reading suits our personal tastes.

Now more than ever, there are various platforms that bring us closer to the right books, with them we can be sure that there is an excellent story that will lead us to the imagination and that our purchase was worth it.

For ITJ ZE it is very important to stay in continuous learning and we want our students to leave the door opened to knowledge, this is why we are pleased to announce that we will have our first Online School Book Fair through the platform “The British Bookstore”, in it we will find different books that may be part of our personal library and above all, part of us.


Enjoy it!

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