A message from our learning director Deborah Revolorio

We know that a lot of you are facing many school and life choices and may be overwhelmed with the uncertainty brought about by COVID 19, but in the midst of all of this uncertainty we want to assure you that one constant remains: International Schools Partnership’s (ISP) commitment to excellence and amazing learning!!

At ISP, we’ve always put learners and learning first. The constant flux as it affects education has not changed that. In fact, we’ve doubled down our efforts to ensure that our students will receive the highest quality education whatever platform they may be on (from face-to-face, blended, distance learning and any hybrid in between). We are committed to continuous growth, both for our students and our staff. Accordingly, we offer the most effective, engaging, and equitable ways of supporting robust learning for our students, colleagues, and families.

What We’ve Done:
Created an emergency Distance Learning program that over 80% of parents, students and teachers were happy with; Put an action plan into place based on feedback by the community; Focused on essential learning outcomes to address learning gaps and ensure that students are prepared to successfully begin the upcoming school year; Recognized individual progression and learning pathways; Implemented alternative assessments; Continued with international opportunities virtually; and Implemented innovative student celebrations and ceremonies.

What We Are Doing:
Implementing purposeful teacher-student and teacher-parent interaction and communication opportunities across all platforms to ensure amazing learning; Upskilling our staff with courses, workshops and certifications to improve digital learning mastery, blended learning methodology, and social and emotional well-being; Creating health and safety protocols including deep cleaning, sanitizing and reorganizing school spaces; and Creating detailed Reopening Plans for all of the scenarios below including any combination;
1) On-site: Happy and Safe Learning on campus for families who are willing and able to attend with enhanced Health and Safety protocols
2) Blended Learning: a combination of at home and on campus learning
3) Distance Learning: at home, teacher facilitated learning

What Lies Ahead:
Amazing Learning! Our continued commitment to delivering the highest quality education with personalized pathways that meet the needs of your children and families, regardless of whatever craziness the world throws at us.

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