Science Fair, a Moment to Create

Nancy Barrón – Science Department Leader

“Scientific curiosity begins at a young age and must be nurtured and encouraged.”

Today, science and technology are present in every moment of our lives, and at ITJ Zona Esmeralda we are aware of this. For this reason, the Sciences Department, responsible for providing our students with meaningful learning experiences, presents the Science Fair each year, where students and teachers come together by working collaboratively to present innovative ideas in the classroom.

Through our Science Fair, students apply what they have learned by presenting proposals and solutions to current problems. Students start from their own curiosity and their experiences and knowledge of current social needs.

“Each student decides to pick and choose what interests him the most and explore it as he wants”

The science fair allows students to apply their knowledge to real life and this event represents the culmination of various disciplines that come together to create and provide a solution, developing not only their scientific skills but also their interpersonal skills by presenting their projects and assertively communicating their conclusions to the judges.

Our 2022 Science Fair will undoubtedly be the best showcase for creation; a space in which not only academic and learning proposals will be made present, but also our values ​​in action with direct and close contact with future professionals from different scientific disciplines.

At ITJ Zona Esmeralda, we walk with our students on their learning journey, focusing on new perspectives and scenarios, always under the philosophy of safe and happy learning.

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