Medical Service

Pediatrician, Nurse and Paramedic team work on site. Medical staff are certified by the American Heart Association in Basic Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Support. Throughout the school year, influenza and HPV vaccination campaigns, pediculosis reviews, cardiac, auditory and visual assessments by external specialised doctors are carried out.

Health and Safety

We have a strict protocol of School Safety and Civil Protection, backed by audits conducted by ISP, and all our staff are certified in Child Protection and First Aid.

We have closed circuit television, clear information signs, emergency exits and smoke detectors in each room. Fire extinguishers are located in areas designated by Civil Protection.

After School

Experts and certified teachers hand in hand with our physical-recreational programs aim to improve the coordination and conditional abilities of students.

We have excellent facilities to develop students’ full potential including a gym, professional soccer field with bleachers and dressing rooms, protected basketball court with shade mesh and multipurpose rooms.

Students can choose between Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Tae Kwon Do, Jazz, Tennis, Swimming, Video game makers, Liks, Robotics, Piano, Guitar which are available from Kindergarten to High School.

School Bus

We have 33 different routes that cover different residential areas and subdivisions of the Metropolitan area. Highly trained operators conduct safe and monitored units via GPS, and each bus has an assistant with First Aid training on board.

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